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At Over The Ground we provide a variety of advanced rope access solutions in full compliance with the IRATA International Code of Practice.



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Complience with the IRATA Code of Practice.

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Building inspection, maintenance, and repair

– Render & Concrete repairs

– Painting

– Caulking

– Glazing

– Balustrade installation

– Curtain Wall Installation

– Cladding

– Anchor Installation

– Bracket Fixing

– Cleaning

– Inspection

– Safety standby

Installation and maintenance of equipment at height

One of the great benefits of Rope Access Techniques is the rapid pack up and pack down nature of our lightweight system – making it a cost-effective solution for your task.

Our team has decades of combined experience in a variety of building maintenance tasks.

From Concert performance to art installation, lighting or sound equipment, and for events of any scale, small or grand, our experienced riggers will safely and efficiently elevate and secure the items you require. 

Concert and event rigging is part of the backbone of our company, we are proud to have worked on projects
featuring both world-famous artists as well as our local entertainment heroes.

Level 3 rigging, safety rescue and emergency care for inspections and repairs.

Occasionally you may want to carry out an inspection yourself but do not have the experience required to access the selected area. We can safely and securely accompany and guide you via rope access abseiling methods and under the supervision of one of our Level 3 technicians.

We can also provide Level 3 supervisors on standby ready to perform any emergency rescue requirements for your crew during their shutdown work tasks.

Speak with us today to ascertain how we can assist you.

Supply and recertification of Personal Protective Equipment, i.e. harness and lanyards

Strict guidelines exist about the maintenance of worksite PPE such as harnesses, lanyards, and connectors.

It is crucial to have regular equipment examinations carried out, both at the appropriate times and by a competent inspector.

Our qualified inspectors can assist you to ensure that your gear is maintained both to the manufacturer’s standards, as well as health and safety legislation for Ireland, the UK and Northern Ireland.

Confined Space Works

Works in confined spaces have their own set of legislative requirements and safety considerations.

We can provide you with qualified personnel to enter, inspect, maintain and supervise your projects within confined spaces.

Pressure washing & window cleaning

Industrial abseiling is a superbly efficient method of window and façade cleaning in those hard-to-reach areas.

Due to unsuitable ground, it’s not always possible for others to position vehicles and equipment underneath the façade or glass elevation you want to clean.

We use access from the top down!

Installation of advertising signage, banners and Christmas lights and decorations

Using a range of Rope Access, rigging, and hauling techniques, we can install promotional banners, of any scale, at any height.

Quickly install and remove seasonal décor and lighting.
Outdoor and indoor.
Day or night.

Mast & pylon inspection and maintenance

Utilising both Rope Access and Working at Heights’ best safe practice our team can access, and survey masts and pylons of any height.

Anchor installation

Our crew is available to install and test anchor bolts for a variety of purposes in various locations such as;

– Anchor bolts for rope access.

– Anchor Bolts for temporary safety lines at height.

– Bolt installation for banners and signage.

– Fall arrest roof systems

Photographic and visual surveys

A wide range of problems occurs within our built environment – Corrosion, leaks, delamination, ageing materials, and weather damage to name a few. 

Rope access methods allow our crew to inspect and survey a wide variety of installations as well as the natural environment for safety, maintenance, and repair purposes.

Contact us today for a photographic and visual survey to assess and decide the best next steps for the issue you are facing.


Removal of plants, trees, loose rocks, weeds, and vegetation can seem like an arduous task when it’s in hard-to-reach areas aloft. But leaving the problem to grow (literally!) can create much bigger issues such as the destabilisation of buildings, bridges, or natural rock faces.

Our rope access crew can swiftly and cost-effectively undertake tasks such as de-vegetation, spraying, and stabilising facades and cliffs.

Talk to us today to figure out which option is best for you.

Bird -Proofing

Employing humane deterrent methods, our rope access crew can help you to avoid the damage caused by our feathered friends. 

Bird-proofing, such as  netting, spikes or similar, prevents; 

Nesting. Building corrosion due to build-up of bird droppings. Disease threats to human health.


At Over The Ground, we provide a variety of advanced rope access solutions in full compliance with the IRATA International Code of Practice.

Our fully trained, competent and experienced technicians specialise in inspection, maintenance and repair services for the energy and construction sector.

Our team always consists of a safety supervisor, riggers and rope access technicians, which is essential from a safety point of view.

Rope access is now becoming a common solution that provides safe access to difficult and remote locations such as concert halls, power and manufacturing plants, reservoirs, and stadiums.

Abseil access methods are the perfect answer for banners and signage, Christmas lights and decoration installations; very efficient, quick and unobtrusive.

We deliver professional rescue cover for all work at height and confined space tasks. We also provide rope access resolutions for stage, rigging and light positioning.